Welcome to Levears

How it works

You will love the way your earlobes look with Levears


Levears leverage the part of your ear above the pierced hole. This automatically gives the earring a lift to make it stand upright.

Since no two ears are the same, Levears are designed with a Left and a Right back. This allows you to adjust the back, making the earring fit just right on each side.

Levears give your ears just what they need to make your earrings look much more visible from the front.

Levears give both your ear and earring great support for a firm and secure feel.

How to use

  • Pick up Levears as indicated by the arrows in the picture above.
  • Put Levears on as you would any backing.
  • Make sure the curl is facing upwards.
  • Wear your earrings with confidence.